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December 18, 2013
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Monstrum Academy Application: Zane by Silverbessifus Monstrum Academy Application: Zane by Silverbessifus
this is my character/student application to Monstrum Academy

this is the character bio, sorry for the giant text

base by yuminnie-d4k96wf


Name: Zane Dmitri Wolff

Occupation: Student

Age: 17

Birthday: January 19

Height: 5' 9.5"

Weight: 150 lbs

Gender: Male

Skin Color: Lightly tanned

Hair Color: Dark red, almost black

Eye Color: Dark red, almost black but darker than hair color

Race: Half Shifter/Half Vampire/Possessed by a Demon

Family: Alina Wolff (Vampire) and Lucan Wolff (Shifter, kind of like skin walkers, can turn into any animal at will)

Education: High School

Habits: He has to go hunting every few weeks to keep his hunger in check, he writes computer code to calm himself down in school, and sells his computers to a small company every few weeks

Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, playing videogames, building computers, training to fight with Keith and Clair

Likes: Fresh blood, , listening to music, yelling at Hezrenschvid (the murderous demon trapped inside his mind/body), and building computers

Dislikes: Hezrenschvid, having to hunt all the time, school, bad jokes, the Council, and most people

Personality: Zane’s a loner type, he doesn’t like meeting new people and he just generally doesn’t get along with them, human’s are instinctively scared of him because of Hezrenschvid so they avoid him as much as possible. He doesn’t speak much but enjoys good conversation. His only friends are Keith (Vampire), Clair (Shifter), and his guardian Lil (Fae) and he likes it that way. He’s learned to control his temper but Hezrenschvid shares his mind and likes to push his buttons, send him horrible nightmares and memories, anything to make him less in control, because if Zane loses control Hezrenschvid could take over his body and that would be very, very bad. Unless provoked he’s usually calm, at least outwardly, he has a lot of self hatred and hatred towards Hezrenschvid. Sometimes he’ll respond to Hezrenschvid out loud instead of just mentally, so some humans think he’s schizophrenic.

History: His mother Alina and father Lucan were from 2 pure bloodlines, they broke the no inter species relationships law and had Zane secretly with the help of Lil, they used her magic to conceal Alina’s pregnancy. When the Council learned of Zane’s existence instead of just killing Alina and Lucan for breaking the law they decided to kill two birds with one stone and imprison Hezrenschvid, the demon responsible for thousands of deaths, both human and supernatural, in Zane’s infant body. Instead of dying for their crimes they were forced to watch their ‘impure’ son suffer constant mental torment. When Zane was eight he was suffering from sleep deprivation and malnourishment (Hezrenschvid kept him awake with nightmares and Zane still hadn’t realized that he needed fresh blood every day as opposed to normal Shifters who just need to feed on fresh blood/meat once or twice a year) and he ‘died’ but instead of actually dying Hezrenschvid kept them alive, but as a result Hezrenschvid took over control of Zane’s body and killed Alina and Lucan. When Zane came to his parent’s were dead and he was covered in blood. The Council covered up the murders, changed the inter species laws, Lil became Zane’s guardian, and he was assigned Keith and Clair as caretakers to make sure he wouldn’t lose control again. After his latest ‘episode’ the Council decided to send him to the academy so he would be less of a danger to the human population and if Hezrenschvid gained control again the force field will keep him contained within the forest.

Tattoos: He has a mark across his shoulder blades from his long term possession

Other: Because of his shifter father Zane should've been able to change into any animal, but because of his vampire mother he can only change into one animal, a wolf; because of his long term possession by Hezrenschvid his DNA has altered slightly and his animal form has been distorted from a normal wolf, it’s larger than a normal wolf, is black, has burning red eyes, has a smoky aura about it and instead of the change being painless like with other shifters it’s extremely painful. When he smells blood or gets upset he’ll start to change, causing the whites of his eyes to turn black, his iris’ to turn burning red, and his bones start breaking and stretching.


Medical Profile

Medications: He used to take some Fae-made supplements when he was a kid but once they figured out he needed fresh meat every few weeks unlike regular Shifters and fresh blood daily he stopped taking them, but when travelling he keeps them with him.

Diseases/Illnesses/Disorders/Curses: He’s immune to human diseases and his mixed blood makes him immune to any diseases that can affect Shifters or Vampires

Allergies: He can’t eat much human food or he’ll start throwing up, it has to be blood or raw animal meat

Injuries: None, he heals instantly

Past injuries: None, he heals instantly

Scars:  The mark across his shoulders is an almost black red, like a tattoo, but has the feeling of scar tissue and when it first formed when he started puberty it felt like it was being cut into his skin though there was no blood

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crazy-poet808 Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Waaah i love him~! I hope we can rp some time ! poor bby QuQ
Hidden by Owner
Silverbessifus Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
oh and in case Hezrenschvid's too dangerous for Zane to get in, he won't attack students or anything, he just want's to get home, in my universe demons come from another dimension called Deostra. Hezrenschvid just wants to get home so he can get back to his body, only a demon's soul can leave Deostra, so their body is still there. that's how the council trapped him and put him in Zane in the first place
Silverbessifus Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
i understand that his caretakers can't go, that's the point, the council sent him to the academy to keep him away from the general population and his caretaker's, they don't like Keith and Clair because they're in a relationship now, even though the inter species law was amended and it's now legal they still don't like it. and Hezrenschvid is the name of the demon inside of Zane, they share a brain so Zane and him can communicate, though Hezrenschvid usually just uses this ability to torment Zane, and if Zane ever loses control mentally Hezrenschvid can control Zane's body, that's why he's so dangerous, but at the academy at least Hezrenschvid can't leave the campus if that happens
kaoriXnevermore Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
also.... the history seems a little closed... i mean, there's other vampiresand shifters in the school and all, and what if theyre actually pure blooded? it would cause a lot of confusion and such in that regard, so it would probably be best if you revise that and get rid of a few details so its not like that.

that way you arent changing his original back story, just leaving things out to make it better and less confusing for others ^^;

hope thats not too much to ask
kaoriXnevermore Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
alright theres a few things that make me go "eeeeh...." on this.... ^^;

you can only have zane in here and not his caretakers, UNLESS you also apply the care takers into the academy. also, whos Hezrenschvid? (holy crap that name makes me go cross eyed trying to pronounce it o-o)
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